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Entrepreneurship Coaching

Alpha Foundation recognizes that many start-up businesses fail due to lack of proper planning and support. Our highly experienced coaches are available to guide you step by step from concept to business launch and afterwards. Over a period of eight weeks, you produce your complete business plan by working through the checklist that defines the four pillars for a successful business venture:


Level 1:

   The Business, Product(s) & Service(s)

Level 2:    Market Research & Marketing Plan/ Strategy
Level 3:    Business Operations, Management and Personnel
Level 4:    Financial Planning & Financing the Business

The goal is not just to develop a business plan but to establish a sustainable base for your business. And while you are at it, don’t forget your social responsibility obligations – others have helped you and even as you plan your business you must include your actionable plan for giving back to your larger community!

To learn more about the Alpha Foundation Entrepreneurship Coaching system, send an
email to: coaching@alpha-fund.org