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Alpha Foundation is a non-profit organization established for providing opportunity to disadvantaged community through promotion of entrepreneurship and self reliance. The foundation focuses primarily on helping individuals, families and groups establish sustainable business ventures in agriculture, manufacturing and trading.

We believe in the essence of the ancient Indian (native American) proverb “We do not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. In this spirit we are dedicated to custodianship of the global village and hope to rebuild some of our community fabric that has been damaged by the pressures of modern society and its unsustainable lifestyle.

Through our community programs, Alpha Foundation raises funds to support business ventures for working capital and/or business equipment and infrastructure.

Our main focus as custodians of this global village is to offer true opportunity and rebuild community fabric. We identify high potential disadvantaged individuals who can be developed through entrepreneurship to build their businesses and become major contributors to the larger community.